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Build A Profitable Online Business From Scratch

Now You Can Follow A Step By Step Process And Build Your Own Profitable Online Business Within Sixty Days

  • Proven real world business models

  • For complete beginners to advance level

  • Complete System, everything included

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Starting a business online is always some kind of a trap.

  • "You get all these promises of making easy money on the internet only to discover after joining the program that it's not so easy after all. There are  a lot more you have to do and invest before it can even have a chance to work."

    As a senior citizen, you can't afford to risk losing your life savings with costly mistakes.

    Well, how about having another senior citizen who has been through all that to guide you?

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    What are the Steps?


    It starts with knowledge and the acquisition of skill sets. You select the courses relevant to your current level. Don't know which one to choose? We will guide you.

    Take Action

    The critical step for success is to take action from what you have learned. The programs are structured to be action orientated so you can see your own progress.

    Get Support

    It's a lonely road for the beginner. We provide feedback and support so you won't get overwhelm. You will be able to stay focused on achieving your goals.

    How Are The Courses Chosen?

    Anyone Can Learn

    The courses chosen work for all skill levels. Whether you are totally new or an expert, these courses will teach you steps that are easy to consume and apply.

    Result Oriented

    The courses are designed to get you results if you follow them to the core and take action. Unlike other courses that just feeds you information without a strategy.

    Risk Free

    You get a 30 Days Money Back guarantee on most packages. If you don't benefit from the courses they will refund you, no questions asked.

    Featured Courses / Programs

    Checkout the most popular courses and programs. These are programs which have changed lives.

    Conversion Funnels Pro

    This is top-of-the-line program for people who want the best. Unlike most courses, this is a licensing program where you get full rights to use and sell a proven business. All training, setup and tools are included.

    Affiliate Tube Success

    This course addresses one of the biggest issue with online businesses - traffic. The program is a combination of training and dfy funnels which will generate traffic organically. Essentially, it is a zero cost traffic system.

    Touchless Agency

    This is for people who want to tap into the exploding eCommerce business. The program builds for you a high ticket eCommerce system without you actually owning any stores or doing any fulfillment yourself. 

    Course Categories

    We cover various areas of running a complete, fully functional Online Business with our recommendations. This includes getting clients, marketing, automation along with strategies and tactics. We have categorized these courses accordingly.

    Courses Based On Your Level Of Expertise

    We have structured the programs in such a way that it helps seniors with different levels of expertise on the subject, right from a beginner to an expert. We cover it all.

    Let's get real here. Not all of these recommendations are going to make you a 6-figure income overnight. Some may never be able to do that. It depends on your skill level, motivation and the amount of work you are willing to put into building your business.

    Get Unlimited Access To Our Tutorials

    We have a growing library of tutorials to help you pick up the necessary skills for an online business.


    Learn how to identify the actual needs of your prospective customer and the market potential.

    Product Creation

    Learn about creating and repackaging products which meet the needs of your prospective customers.


    Learn how to reach out to your prospective customers effectively using the various platforms available.


    Learn how to set up online stores to directly sell to your customers and followers.

    View All Courses

    Trusted By 1000+ Students

    These are some typical testimonials from students and marketers who attend some of the courses and programs listed here. The topics cover everything that you need to kickstart your online business and start the work-from-home life style that gives you the freedom to work at your own schedule and be your own boss.

    "Whenever JP talks… I listen, and I listen carefully. He manages to blow up in top affiliate lists often. And he does it with a smaller list than most gurus out there.So if you have the chance to learn from JP about affiliate marketing, know that you’re learning from one of the top affiliates out there and what he teaches comes straight from the trenches." 

    Simon Hodgkinson


    "JP’s not your typical “guru” who goes after the limelight. Instead, he’s too busy making a killing with affiliate marketing and teaching his secret methods to students lucky enough to learn from him.You’ll be in good hands learning from JP. In fact, you’ll be guided by truly one of the best when it comes to affiliate marketing. Get your hands on anything and everything he comes out with!" 

    Ewen Chia

    #1 International Best Selling author



    KSeng Tan

    Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Geeky Boomer

    About Your Guide


    gahyd / gaɪd /


    to assist (a person) to travel through, or reach a destination in, an unfamiliar area, as by accompanying or giving directions to the person.


    a person who guides, especially one hired to guide travelers, tourists, hunters, etc.

    -- dictionary.com

    Welcome to Seniors Business Guide.

    Building a business is a journey. Even if you were to wake up one morning and have a sudden flash of inspiration to change the world with your product or services, you need to know how to go about doing it.

    It's a minefield if you do not have the proper guidance and experience to walk you through. You will most likely waste your time and even lose all your investment if you try to wing it yourself.

    I know the terrain. I have built businesses for large corporations and small local business owners for the past 40 years. Both offline and online.

    I love helping and guiding beginners and senior citizens to achieve something they can be proud of. Want me to show you how?

    Watch the Free Workshop